Hello and welcome to The Missing Yarn!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Cassie, a 30- something crochet addict an mother to fast- growing twin boys.

I was inspired to create this website and my patterns because I could never find something just right. My patterns are bold, daring, bright and on trend; largely inspired by my love of fashion, festivals and desire to be different!

So why crochet ?

In my early 30’s I began suffering with anxiety and depression. I needed something to distract myself from my naughty mind.

Crochet quickly became a way to escape, a hobby , a distraction where I found I could produce beautiful things with just one ball of wool and a hook and allow my head the space it needed to de-stress.

Crocheting other people’s designs wasn’t enough. I quickly had to learn howto design my own unique one- off pieces.! I love exploring and working with all different yarn types brands and colours.

I had my first pattern published in Inside Crochet in 2011 and havecontinued to design for them ever since.

This website is the next natural step for me to showcase and sell my designs. All of my independent crochet patterns are available to buy in my shop.

If you have any questions about my patterns do get in touch!

Happy Hooking!